Cornerstone Care Focus’ on a Range of Quality Measures

Men’s Health

Preventive Screenings and Services

US Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines


Keep in mind that these are guidelines only. Your doctor or nurse will personalize the timing of the screening tests you need based on many factors. Ask your doctor or nurse if you don't understand why a certain test is recommended for you. Check with your insurance plan to find out which tests are covered.


Get regular checkups

Your doctor or nurse can help you stay healthy. Ask your doctor or nurse how often you need to be seen for a routine checkup. Most insurance companies are looking for you to complete a yearly Well Patient Visit. Use this time to bring up any health concerns or questions you have. Make sure to ask about:

  • Tobacco use

  • Alcohol use

  • Depression

  • Weight





Screening tests



**For further information on recommended Preventive Services for this age group, please go to

There is some valuable information/recommendations  in this link from the CDC as well as links to the

US Preventive Services Task Force!