Cornerstone Care Focus’ on a Range of Quality Measures

Cornerstone Care's Quality Assurance Program

Cornerstone Care is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality in every aspect of our business and practices.  This commitment is based on the belief that to successfully fulfill our mission, which is to improve the health of our patients and the residents of the communities that we serve, we should strive to use the best and most effective methods and practices possible.  Further, we should be as efficient and effective as possible with all our resources, including human, physical plant, and information.  If we can reduce costs by improving the delivery of care processes, for example, then we will be proactive and systematic in doing so.  If we can offer more service within our capacity while maintaining high quality standards, then we will try to do so.   And we believe that we should be as responsive as possible to the expectations of our patients and our other customers and patrons.   To assure that we meet these commitments and expectations, Cornerstone Care will engage in a continuous process of quality assessment and improvement in all functions and components of the corporation. 

Guiding and coordinating this process is our permanent Quality Council.  The Council is responsible for involving our workforce, board, and customers in an on-going process to measure and improve Cornerstone Care’s performance.   The Quality Council will annually help determine priorities and goals for quality improvement. The Quality Council will use appropriate standards of care, internally and externally-developed priorities, data and other input. The Council will recommend as may be necessary an appropriate organization and deployment of workforce and other resources to develop, implement and continually assess action plans for improvement.


As much as possible, all pertinent categories and positions of our workforce will be represented in quality improvement efforts.  We expect all members of our workforce to take personal responsibility for assuring that Cornerstone maintains the highest standards of quality.  We welcome each employee’s participation in quality improvement. 

Our QA Program covers all locations and all aspects of Cornerstone Care.  Cornerstone Care provides services at many locations and satellite sites throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.